VIDEO| Quit an IT Job to Become ‘Engineer Chaiwala’ in My Hometown in MP.

When it was finally time to start, I was only able to serve tea for a month as the coronavirus lockdown was imposed in March. This halted my plans, but luckily I was able to get by with my savings.

Moreover, I also had to move locations. At the location where I first started, there were 2-3 shops in the vicinity that began having trouble with me. So, I had to move from there. At another spot, again, residents started having some trouble. I was a little dejected and thought to go to an empty spot. I started my stall alone near Chhindwara’s municipal office, with no other shop in proximity.

Quit an IT Job to Become ‘Engineer Chaiwala’ in My Hometown in MP

(Photo Courtesy: Ankit Nagwanshi)

Now, near my cart, 3 to 4 chaat shops, 2-3 fruit shops, and 1-2 mobile vendors have cropped up. There’s a small market there now.

I have had several people asking me to pack tea for them to take back home, others complimenting and talking about the tea I make amongst their friends and contacts. This is the biggest motivation for me. As I had planned, I am now trying to open a restaurant. I expect that, in 4 to 5 months, I can acquire a space and continue to expand my business in Chhindwara.

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