Tyreek Hill mocks NFL’s ‘Old man yells at cloud’ celebration rules with new gloves

Tyreek Hill continues his one-man campaign against the No Fun League.

Tyreek Hill continues his one-man campaign against the No Fun League.
Image: (Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill is mocking the NFL for its egregious celebratory punishments.

The Chiefs star has been spotted this year wearing gloves that have a design of his signature peace sign that he flashes to defenders once he has dusted them for touchdowns.

In multiple acts of complete buffoonery, the NFL has fined Hill over $10,000 in each of the last two seasons for his signature move.

It takes a certain level of crotchetiness and a personality as stale as communion crackers to fine a player for enjoying the fact that he’s faster than nearly everyone else in the league.

Yet it’s no surprise that an organization once branded the “No Fun League” would stoop to such levels.

It wasn’t until 2017 that the league relaxed its post-play celebration rules. However, since Hill’s celebration was during the play it resulted in punishment from the league.

It’s funny that the NFL would make this distinction, especially in the case of Hill, because whenever he gets past the defense you can basically just put six points on the board and save everyone the trouble.

Hill isn’t the only player to receive this irrational and unfair treatment from the league. Green Bay running back Aaron Jones was fined for waving goodbye to the Dallas Cowboys defense in a regular-season game in 2019.

Can’t blame Jones, though, it’s hard to stay humble against the Cowboys defense the last couple of years. (Oops, am I gonna get fined for that burn?)

Hill’s innovation is a bright spot in an increasingly tenuous season, especially when he is the star target on arguably the best team in the league.

His celebration has also inspired some college kids to try it during the game. The problem is these guys just aren’t built like Hill.

Hill even commented on the imitation.

I hope Hill keeps the gloves in the rotation this season and flashes that peace sign to every defender that thought they had a chance to cover him.

I also hope he puts them straight into the camera to continue to show up the league for its saltine cracker celebration rules.

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