RR’s Poor Selection Strategy Has Led To Them Going off Track

Even the likes of Riyan Parag who has been touted as a future Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been messed up and is currently out of favour. The undue pressure on Yashasvi Jaiswal, one of the most talked about young batsmen in India has been unfair as well. He needed support from the management but was sacrificed when Buttler was back in the mix.

Jaiswal has made more appearances before and after the match meeting his idols rather than during the match when he could have gained a lot.

Yashasvi Jaiswal in three matches he has played has scores of 6, 0 and 34

Yashasvi Jaiswal in three matches he has played has scores of 6, 0 and 34
(Photo: BCCI/IPL)

Oh, and before you forget ,Sanju Samson is that much talked about young wicket-keeper batsman in India, who struck form in the only two games Rajasthan Royals have won this season. That as usual led to the annual talk about why Samson is not in the Indian squad in every format. His inconsistent form thereafter has sort of answered that question too.

In all, Rajasthan have had 17 players thus far playing for them this season, which is far from ideal. In a tournament like the IPL, it is important to show consistency, but they have not shown that this year. Of course, results not going their way has not helped matters.

Add to this, the poor run with the bat for the experienced Robin Uthappa and you have a perfect storm brewing in the ranks. Uthappa was one of the pioneers in this format when it first came into vogue in India in 2007. But the fact that he is not in favour is a clear indication that T20 cricket does not wait for anyone.

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