Rape Is Consensual: Inside Haryana’s Rape Culture

It’s Your Fault, Always Your Fault

A class in victim blaming.

A class in victim blaming.
(Photo: The Quint)

The first pillar of rape culture is ‘Blame the Victim’.

From the elders in the villages to the youngsters in the cities, and even the cops patrolling the streets, all seemed to be well-versed in victim-blaming.

And here’s what a police official told us: “Both (rapist and victim) are to blamed. Without knowing you, I can’t even talk to you. No one can do anything to you if they don’t know you. Without consent, no one can even talk to someone else. Will a girl speak to someone unless she consents to do so?”

At which point, we asked, “What if the rapist abducts the victim?”

The cop replied, “How can someone just abduct you?”


Documentary: Why Do Haryana’s Old & Young Blame Women for Rape?

(GIF: Prashant Chauhan/The Quint)

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