Meredith Corporation Hires Skilled Creative for HEALTH Magazine Voice Experience

Voice agency Skilled Creative was tapped by Meredith Corporation to build the newly-released voice experience for their HEALTH Magazine. Published to Amazon’s Alexa platform as a new Skill, the experience allows users to participate in a 14-day Affirmation Journey which walks them through a daily affirmation aimed at stress management. The concept was developed to provide listeners with a tool for improving mindfulness during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re excited to be able to bring HEALTH and many of Meredith’s other media properties to life through interactive and immersive experiences that only voice technology can offer,” says Brandon Kaplan, CEO of Skilled Creative. This isn’t the first voice project that Meredith has enlisted the agency for: they previously built the media conglomerate’s voice experiences for properties including Allrecipes, Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly and Successful Farming. Boasting a clientele that includes Pepsico, Wall Street Journal, Starbucks, Dow Jones, Pfizer, and Mountain Dew, Skilled Creative has become an emerging player to watch in the voice space. They recently were tasked with building the fantasy football voice experience of FanDuel for Sunday and Monday night football.

The Fastest-Growing UX

With voice content consumption on the rise, global brands have been in an arms race to scoop up prime real estate on devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Voice and Samsung Bixby before the competition intensifies. Skilled Creative’s Kaplan sees voice as a crucial component for expanding a brand’s media portfolio heading into 2021. Experts expect that more than half of all online searches are now voice inquiries, and with the COVID-19 pandemic leading many consumers to increase their voice assistant usage while quarantining at home, voice experiences, games and even books are outpacing other media platforms.

Skilled Creative has worked with brands to bring a wide array of products and experiences to a voice medium. Aside from a brand’s positioning in search results of voice inquiries, many companies create voice experiences as a new realm of entertainment options for customers. Publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster recently hired Skilled Creative to build a voice experience promoting its Stephen King novels. Users are able to choose from a selection of adventures that helps them determine which novel might be the best fit for them. The TED Conference also worked with the agency to add a voice option for accessing its highly popular keynote talks.

Voice By Numbers

There are now more than 200 million voice devices in homes, making it the fastest-growing platform in history. Skilled Creative estimates that $42 billion in voice commerce transactions will be taking place by 2022. The fact that voice has the ability to create content that ties together entertainment, information and utility (for example, calling for your Uber via voice, ordering a coffee from your local cafe via voice) is what makes it fertile ground for the future of both marketing and product development. Its ability to be integrated with other marketing channels such as SMS, social media and email also makes it that much simpler for marketers to build a monetization strategy for.

What excites Skilled Creative’s Brandon Kaplan the most is voice’s ability to provide consumers with a highly interactive mode for consuming content. It’s a voice assistant’s ability to provide any experience that the Internet can offer but through a conversation with the user builds a stronger, more powerful connection.

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